Is it possible to grow a rose from a single stem?

Lynn-Marie asked:

I received 4 single stemmed roses on Valentine’s Day, and I left them in water. The rose itself and the leaves dried up, but suprisingly, new green leaves emerged. I was wondering if   … Read more

Latest Rose Hips Recipe News

It's berry season in Alaska
Rosehips are often overlooked. They have the highest concentration of vitamin C of any of our berries and make very good jam, though their large seeds make them tougher to   … Read more


Elegant, pure and timeless, this eternal collection of roses will be a great way to show you care. Then be it your mom, grandma, teacher or just someone you admire, they will all appreciate this   … Read more

FTD Bright Spark Rose Bouquet – PREMIUM

This spirited bouquet holds roses in bold hues – hot pink, orange, red and bright yellow…

Roses To Show Your Love

Have you ever been in love? Of course all of us have been in love more than just once. It can be love for… Continue reading

Latest Rose Hips Recipe News

Best Bathroom Books of 2012
The winning drawings will please the Maira Kalman fanatic in your life. 'GET JIRO,' by Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose, with art by Langdon Foss (Vertigo, $ 24.99). … 'BRING   … Read more

Sterling Silver Roses

Roses are an overwhelming popular flower, often given to say “I love you.” And, given just how significant they are, anyone truly fond of these beautiful blooms, would likely keep them forever if they could.   … Read more

FTD Love in Bloom Bouquet

Rare beauties in a refined setting — a vase of intriguing cream and white roses with pink snap dragons and pink carnations will spark their love for you…

Make the most of summer with meringue

Make the most of summer with meringue
The time is ripe to add herbs to sorbets (try tarragon, basil or lemon balm) or top cakes with flowers like pansies, roses or those oh-so-English candied violets.   … Read more

Natasha Atlas – Mon amie la rose

Natasha Atlas

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