DIY: Organic Wild Rose Petal Water


DIY: Organic Wild <strong>Rose</strong> Petal Water

Gather up those rose petals! Make your own fragrant, refreshing and soothing rose petal water. Perfect for a facial mist. ?Certifiably Organic? Colorful Cana...
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Your Choice of <strong>Roses</strong> Perfect for Weddings and Parties

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12 Responses to DIY: Organic Wild Rose Petal Water

  1. Isabella Isa

    I’m always so excited about your DIY videos.. they are clean, simple,
    natural.. and your voice is so calming.. Thank you once again ??

  2. Gladiou

    hi! can you tell us more about the conservation for this? thank you?

  3. The WarHawk

    Wonderful.. I have tried rose oils with little or no success…..I am
    wondering if you may make a video on moisturizing masks and your bath salts
    with the rose buds??

  4. Judy M

    I like the jar you used . Where did you get it ? I enjoy every new video
    you share DIY . Can you use white roses with same methods? ?

  5. jeejee roj

    I like it
    thanx for this video Sis?

  6. Fernanda Bickle

    Can you do the same thing with oil? Heat the oil a little bit then pour in
    the jar with the petals??

  7. kosakira

    thank you for the video! its awesome i have the probably really bad stuff
    from the store. I use mine to mix in with my clays to do masks instead of
    water and i have used rose water has a toner as yo mentioned any other uses
    that you can give us? I might have a hard time finding roses downtonw
    ottawa but you never know! lol thanks again!?

  8. Colorful Canary

    #diy #rose #floral #water #beauty #skincare #allnatural?

  9. lunerwerewolf

    how long does the water keep for?
    will it ferment or anything like that??

  10. Ghrimvixon

    Ohhh that’s how you make rose water! I should have put 2 and 2 together. I
    thought it was a longer process than adding hot water :3. Now i have to
    grow some roses from seeds to make sure it’s hazard free 0_0. Great video!!

  11. username9485

    Thank you for this video. How long is the shelflife of this rose petal

  12. freewingpro

    Awesome! Thank you! ?

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