Entrepreneurial Moms Find Recipe for Success by Using the Internet as a Networking Tool, ?Bring Home the Bacon? has a New Meaning to These Successful Moms

(PRWEB) July 20, 2005

With amazing determination and success, these cutting-edge moms are making a huge impact in the corporate world while still raising babies. How you ask? By learning to utilize the internet and working together to develop unique and different marketing plans to achieve unbelievable success.

"Strength in numbers" is what these moms say. By teaming up and multipling their amazing marketing and internet networking skills these mommy founded companies seem to have a knack at knowing how to make millions.

Because of their inovative ideas, new celebrity moms like Julia Roberts, Courtney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Soledad O?brien, and Debra Messing, all have hip mother invented and designed products from these mommy founded companies.

Having retired from her busy Silicon Valley career, Tiffany Whitchurch was determined to create a business that would allow her to be a stay-at-home mom to her five babies who were all two and under at the time. The company she founded, Simply Tiffany Taite, Inc., offers beautiful pearl jewelry and sterling silver and pewter heirloom baby gifts. Because of her over-the-top packaging and uncanny attention to detail, Tiffany quickly rose to the top as one of the few known jewelry designers for children. In addition to Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, her line is found in over 500 high-end stores around the world. Simply Tiffany Taite, Inc., pearls and gifts have been a smashing hit at celebrity weddings, christenings and baby showers which have landed Tiffany spots on television programs such as Extra. In addtion, her amazing story and products have been featured in many magazines such as Life & Style, Child, Southern Baby, Baby Talk, and Earnshaw?s. http://www.simplytiffanytaite.com

Rachel Stephens of TrendyKid, the leading importer of innovative UK and European products to the USA, have paired with British footwear designer Janet Middleton, who designed for Vivian Westwood before starting her own range of infant shoes. The pint sized fashions have become a favorite of mega stars Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. http://www.trendykid.com

Mom to two sons, Yata Deffigos of Cute as Buttons, gets her girly fix by designing some of Hollywood?s top celebrity gift baskets. Her own line of clothing including embroidered onsies, layette sets, and diaper covers are favorites to celebrity moms Leah Remini and Debra Messing. A former attorney, Yata decided to trade in her briefcase for a diaper bag after the birth of her first son and utilized her creative talents to launch her exclusive line of infant layette. http://www.cuteasbuttons.com

Jennifer Fleece took a cue from her last name to create the true ultimate crib sheet by designing fleece fitted crib sheets after the birth of her first daughter. Designed for safety and comfort; her two girls will sleep on nothing less. Fleece Baby has graced the pages of top parenting magazines and has received rave reviews from The Seattle Times, Earnshaw's, and The San Francisco Chronicle. http://www.fleecebaby.com

Fleece Baby co-owner Carolyne Britt has been smart enough to prepare ahead of time for the changes that motherhood will bring. She is gearing up for life with baby by establishing herself as a leading designer of custom baby bedding to stars such as Mira Sorvino. Exchanging 50+ work week to create fleece crib sheets and baby blankets has been a welcome change of pace.

Tamara Monosoff, a doctor of education with a focus on women and leadership, and a former member of the Clinton White House staff, is a founder of Mom Inventors. Mom Inventors (http://www.mominventors.com) is a place where moms with great ideas can go for useful information and support in launching their own new products. Mom Inventors and ABC's Good Morning America are working together on the "Mother of all Inventions" contest. Moms can submit their ideas for a chance to win a $ 5000 cash grand prize and royalties from the marketing of their invention. Current Mom Inventor products include the ?TP Saver? and ?Shoe Clues?. TP Saver enables parents to easily baby-proof their toilet paper. Tamara came up with the product idea because her 10-month-old daughter would unravel roll upon roll of toilet paper. Shoe Clues is a fun tool that helps children put their shoes on successfully and builds confidence!

Cross country sisters Kim Stone and Melissa Earle of Emmy and Ally live on opposite ends of the country, but their high end online boutique, http://www.emmyandally.com, keeps them connected not only with each other, but with their small children too. Celebrity favorite, Mighty Politey -tee shirts with ultra cute slogans such as ?Chick Magnet? and ?Stud Muffin? are top sellers on their site.

While many mothers these days are becoming ?Desperate Housewives,? these moms have channeled their energy into something positive, and are bringing home the bacon at the same time.

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