Northern Kings – Kiss From A Rose

Video for the first single of the new Northern Kings album "Rethroned". The album is available on iTunes Pan European-wide.

Your Choice of <strong>Roses</strong> Perfect for Weddings and Parties

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25 Responses to Northern Kings – Kiss From A Rose

  1. melindoro

    good actress …or maybe fake nails only for the video

  2. dragon2lust

    When I heard this song, I was just amazed. Awesome group.

  3. xNightmarexVampsx

    @melindoro yes, I realized that. But look at some points where she may actually be playing. The vibrato, the fingerings, and the bowing……I’m not blind.

  4. melindoro

    @xNightmarexVampsx is an actress OMG

  5. xNightmarexVampsx

    How does someone manage to play a cello with nails like that….? Damn, I have to keep my nails dangerously short to play my violin….

  6. 0u70fSync

    @eatallpiepods Agreed. If it sounded exactly like the original, like I think @shadowflar3 is suggesting, then it might be a decent cover- but the better covers dare to innovate and make a song their own. I like Seal’s original too but I LOVE the Northern Kings version!

  7. shadowflar3

    They sing great, its just the arrangement of the song is very bad. It’s jumpy and the rhythm makes little to no sense even if you haven’t heard the original tune. They should have just sticked with something closer to original rhythm instead of trying to be overly creative and change everything, ending up sounding like the karaoke equipment messed up the timing big time.

    But bad arrangements seem to be their trademark for 2 complete albums now so I don’t think it’s a big surprise to listeners.

  8. satansgirlfriendxd

    Oh God! i’ve never heard such a great, wonderful and incredible cover like this!!!!! ;D

  9. ADarkerBreed

    Wow, I was expecting much better from these immensely talented singers.

  10. PoorlyLandedKickflip

    How these guys manage to completely change the feel of a song, whilst still maintaining the level of awesome, is ridiculously incredible.
    Bunch a’ kings

  11. AsWeDie59

    J.Ahola best!!

  12. jalasieye

    @BlueBajs good commmmeeennntt about this

  13. Atheos27

    Most covers are not usually very good. But these guys Kick Ass!!! They are having fun and are turning out fanfuckingtastic music!!!

    Love it!!!

  14. soulfyrewings

    bloody brilliant!

  15. AvlinJavin

    This guys are so craaaazy XD Never heard a better cover band und , you se, they got fun while making. Just for fun. Who would have thought it would be THIS awsome?

    Awsome song (the original doesn´t interest me)
    Awsome guys (mozart is nothing against them)
    awsome vid (fascinated)

    Just awsome^^

  16. xxmidnightxxsun15

    These guys are amazing

  17. Lor2vv

    ???? ?? ????? ?????, ??? ?????!!!

  18. thomasLmack

    pure epicness .Thats all there is to it

  19. khorgor

    I think this is a nice little Side Project to blow off some steam, and some of the Covers sound pretty good

  20. S3CT1ON

    totally wrecked it

  21. chaosministr

    @rockstarRT Yeah He is part of the group !

  22. rockstarRT

    is this tonny kakko? from sonata artica?

  23. PsychoYeoX


    The song isn’t great but obviously you don’t know anything if you think these guys can’t sing.

  24. PsychoYeoX


    The song isn’t great but obviously you don’t know anything if you think these guys can’t sing.

  25. TheDarkoman

    No , that’s his girlfriend ……. :)

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