Other Lives No. 2

Other Lives No. 2
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I have been unapologetically in love with The Rosebuds since they released Make Out in 2003. They played the Red Star many times in the years after that first release and I came to consider Ivan and Kelly good friends. Every time they come through town I try to make the show and many times their performances have ended with them staying at my house and drinking beers until far too late into the evening.

Last night they played The Spanish Moon with another band, Other Lives, and the show was predictably great. Ivan and Kelly and the rotating crew that travels with them never fail to charm an audience, but last night they were in particularly high form. They wrapped up their set by bringing the whole crowd up to the Moon's second-floor green room for an acoustic performance of a few old favorites. The video above is one of those songs.

It was a great night for music and a great night to catch up with old friends. As you can imagine, shooting live music is always tricky because the light is less than ideal, but I am happy with how this all came out. As they say, "a good time was had by all."

The video of the encore, acoustic sing-along is available on my blog, linked below.

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