Poison Every Rose Has Its Thorn (video oficial)

buena calida de video

Your Choice of <strong>Roses</strong> Perfect for Weddings and Parties

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23 Responses to Poison Every Rose Has Its Thorn (video oficial)

  1. TheZachLee

    Check out my guitar cover of the solos. ;)

  2. bambamh20


  3. IndigoCharlie

    I don’t care for heavy metal, but this song is beautiful and it’s one of my all time favorites…I love it. The voice fits like a puzzle piece. THANK YOU.

  4. whipchops

    @dayzee101 you should not only feel old…but ashamed as well

  5. octavious1236

    the song hold true to every one who has lost some one.


    OMG tattos and bad boys are so sexy!!!!

  7. georgerizo

    this song really touches your heart.. specially the heart of people who are in love… like me. best song ever

  8. Ariel283

    Canzone stupenda… Il testo รจ stupendo ma molto triste!!!

  9. wakkawakka22

    This song was played at Ty Woods Funeral love rip daddy

  10. blackhawk247

    When you bought a Poison record or tape or 8 track ( not sure if Poison ever recorded on 8 track) you didn’t have to skip or fast forward to the next song . No fillers for POISON they where all great songs!

  11. mtlsixshooter

    80′s Good times.

  12. RichKnight2010

    This is an example of how a whole career can be built around one four-minute song.

  13. dayzee101

    spandex!!! thats where its at man!! lol. damn rockers dont look like this now a days… makes me feel old. =[

  14. mamiruiz7

    The best time in my life was when this son can out.

  15. mitchroxx

    such a powerful song….makes me wanna grab my guitar and play along with his singing…..u can feel his pain…

  16. wheremyHOESat

    @Lisa7089 Well u can be my hoe bitch. Why do u care what people say? Its just their opinion and then u talk smack saying ohh u dont know wut ur talkin about blah blah blah. So how about u shut the fuck up and let people say wut they want to say BITCH!!!

  17. ThePlayfuldavid

    my favorite video , because i love to sing a long to it

  18. Lisa7089

    @wheremyHOESat i’m not dissin nobody you dumb pimp wannabe!! and i don’t think i own anybody either! i just have a very low tolerance for people who have no taste or class. your not a pimp, you have no hoes, you have no brains, so just shut the fuck up and leave me alone.

  19. SupernaturalLover67

    of course bret micheals feels the need to include some chicks ass in his vid

    good song, asshole of a guy

  20. chixie91

    the song’s a legend… it’s simply stunning…

  21. grungegirl1950

    Awsome. I let a tear every time I listen to this song.

  22. bloodtearsej

    classic……… rock back the years…..

  23. vampireman2007

    your welcome i just really like this song

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