The Rose Instrumental Karaoke

The Rose Instrumental Karaoke words and music by Amanda McBroom piano by Floyd Cramer (sung by Bette Midler, Westlife, LeAnn Rimes, Conway Twitty) Please do not ask me to send you the music. You can easily get the CD from Piano Magic of Floyd Cramer

Your Choice of <strong>Roses</strong> Perfect for Weddings and Parties

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22 Responses to The Rose Instrumental Karaoke

  1. barney4now

    i love to sing

  2. grimTales1

    That was beautiful, thank you.

  3. bujaidarvillarreal

    That was sooo beautiful !! :)

  4. peacemaker2020

    Very nice…

    Labeed Abdal

  5. Laura1Lala

    ich liebe dieses lied ! :)

  6. TrueLoveNeverGivesUp

    That’s beautiful. And the pcitures are selected just for each and every line- and they fit so well- such a great job! Thanks :)

  7. pritiebianca

    just love the song

  8. milarox09

    And Paddy, Patricia, Barby, John and Joey from Kelly Family sing it too and they’re fabulous!!:))

  9. everpinky

    beautiful really

  10. Liquadia

    Hi just been checking out some of the videos here relaly enjoyed them! Hope to see more videos soon, pop on by my channel if you are happy with what you see subscriiiibeeeeee…..

    But want to see more videos soo keep posting

  11. judyesther

    Wonderful song and video.
    Best wishes,

  12. dispecer10

    Very beautiful!!!Thank you Zina!!!

  13. cinzia997

    excelente vidio y melodia

  14. Jessiecountrygirl

    i love this song…….i cried the first time i heard it

  15. dnroach

    Such a great karaoke instrumental. Where can I get it??

  16. RickyCountryAtHeart

    very good job on this its the best

  17. Amberly30

    Lovely song, great video!

  18. SunshineJen2010

    i ? this song so much (ll)

  19. 1960danka

    Excellent, marvellous music, nice the films of the video.

  20. DarkWingDeDe

    LOVE it! Great key for me to sing with. 5*’s!

  21. twilightluvR443

    we are doing this song in choir!!!!

  22. EmilyBragg

    I love this song.
    Please check me out singing it :)

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